What Italian terms should every fan of Italian football know?

Italian footbal teams and leagues are being considered one of the best in the world. Most of people living in this sunny country enjoy watching Serie A and honestly, most of the Europe do. Only the Spanish La Liga players earned more Ballon d’Or awards than those footballers, who play in Serie A.

What’s their secret?

It’s hard to say why Italian Serie A is one of the best leagues in the world. Maybe it’s because of the passion of the players? Or their coaches are one of the best tacticians in the world. It’s enough to say, that the Italian representation won the FIFA World Championship four times, and only the famous Brazil achieved a better result (and only by one).

If you are a great fan of Italian football, you will agree, that the Serie A matches are a show worth seeing. Have you ever wondered, what are the most important words, which are being used by Italians to describe their favourite sport?

Calcio vocabulary for everyone

Below, you can find the most important words, which you might hear from Italians, when watching a match with them. Of course, just like in any other language, there are some dialects and the word might sound differently, but if you use one of those – people will understand you.

Title of this paragraph is “calcio vocabulary”, as ‘calcio’ is the general term for soccer they use and honestly, many words come from the same family. Literally, “calcio” means “to kick”, but the very same word is being used as a term for the player.

Squadra stands for the whole team of footbals players. Italian national representation earned their own name: “Gli Azzurri”, which means “the blue” and is a reference to the colour of their suits. The other name for the national representation, which will also be understood, is just “Nazionale”.

When watching a match with Italian…

…speak like Italian! Below, you can find some of the words, which might be used by people in Italy when watching a match. If you want to feel like a real team with them – don’t be afraid to memorize and use them. We can assure you: they will appreciate the gesture.

Forza – it’s a general term, which can be used when a football player is moving… too slow. Want to express your emotions while rushing a sluggish player? Yell “forza”, which means “hurry up” or “come on”. However, if you’d like to express irritation, you can say “mai dai”, which is equal to “cut it out” or “seriously?”.

When talking about Italian words, we can’t forget about scommesse sportive. Italians, as huge fans of their own teams, including the national representation, like to place bets on them. “Scommesse sportive” is just the term they use for what we know as sports betting. 

Hopefully, you will find the words provided above useful. Keep in mind, that above everything, Italians express themselves with their whole bodies. If you feel like it while watching a match with them, wave your hands, shout, complain, stamp your feet and clap. And most of all – have fun!

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